Singular Intel #5

Singular Intel #5

Machine learning to identify undiagnosable cancers

A new deep-learning approach developed by researchers at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) may help classify cancers of unknown primary by taking a closer look the programs related to early cell development and differentiation.


A Massive Database Of AI-Generated Images — Including Prompts

Search over 5M+ Stable Diffusion images and prompts.

DALL·E: Introducing Outpainting

DALL·E’s Edit feature already enables changes within a generated or uploaded image — a capability known as Inpainting. Now, with Outpainting, users can extend the original image, creating large-scale images in any aspect ratio. Outpainting takes into account the image’s existing visual elements — including shadows, reflections, and textures — to maintain the context of the original image.

Meta Is Building AI That Reads Brainwaves.

Researchers at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, are working on a new way to understand what’s happening in people’s minds. On August 31, the company announced that research scientists in its AI lab have developed AI that can “hear” what someone’s hearing, by studying their brainwaves.

Artificial intelligence used to create 1st place winner at Colorado State Fair

There is controversy over the first-place winner in an art show at the Colorado State Fair. Artist Jason Allen used an artificial intelligence tool called "Midjourney" to create his vision from textual descriptions.Some people are calling his win unfair due to the program's creating the image.


World’s first female robot CEO appointed

Hong Kong-based mobile and online gaming developer NetDragon announced on Friday, Sept. 2, that it had appointed what the company is touting as the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered corporate executive.


Artificial intelligence is helping scientists decode animal languages

An article in the New York Times this week documented major efforts from five groups of researchers that looked at using machine-learning algorithms to analyze the calls of rodents, lemurs, whales, chickens, pigs, bats, cats, and more.

China's new "sky train" floats under an elevated track, using magnets and AI

China this month launched its Red Rail, which is the world's first suspended maglev line, according to a South China Morning Post article. The maglev "sky train" can stay afloat using permanent magnets, even without the presence of a power supply.

Owkin AI for identifying breast, colorectal cancer types score EU approval

Two of those AI models—one to predict if breast cancer patients will relapse after treatment, and another that can determine whether cases of colorectal cancer contain microsatellite instability—have now received CE mark approval, Owkin announced Friday, allowing them to be used on cancer patients across Europe.


Google debuts a new AI tool in the global fight against tuberculosis

Google is now joining a global fight to snuff out the disease, using AI to automate its detection — and expedite treatment — in communities where physicians are in short supply. A new study published Tuesday in Radiology, the journal of the Radiological Society of North America, found that its AI model performed as well as radiologists at detecting tuberculosis on chest X-rays.

AI Diagnoses Alzheimer And Dementia From Voice Recordings

Alzheimer’s diagnosis consumes a lot of time and money which includes running in-person neuropsychological tests and having to transcribe, review, analyze every small detail. To make this process easier, researchers at Boston University have developed a tool to automate this whole process of diagnosis and are to move it online.

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