Singular Intel #2

Singular Intel #2

TikTok rolls out a basic in-app, text-to-image AI generator

TikTok 3d Icon Concept. Dark Mode Style đź–¤ Write me:, if you need 3D visuals for your products.

Made the 3d icon of video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance.
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

TikTok has rolled a new in-app text-to-image AI generator that lets users type in a prompt and receive an image that can be used as the background in their videos. The effect is called "AI greenscreen" and can be accessed via the short-form video app's camera screen. The new effect was first spotted by The Verge.

Exscientia: Using AI To Power Drug Development

The company is focused on developing small molecule drug candidates. Exscientia's AI developmental platform enables it to design candidate drug molecules, as well as to provide patients with drug therapies. The firms provides end-to-end solution of AI and technologies for target identification, drug candidate design, translational models, and patient selection.

Brain Abnormalities in Epilepsy Detected by New AI Algorithm

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect subtle brain abnormalities that cause epileptic seizures has been developed. The abnormalities, known as focal cortical dysplasias (FCDs), can often be treated with surgery but are difficult to visualize on an MRI. The new algorithm is expected to give physicians greater confidence in identifying FCDs in patients with epilepsy.

AI could save future firefighters from deadly flashover explosions

AI could help save firefighters' lives by predicting fire flashovers before they occur, according to new research published this week.

Airbus seeks commercial viability of autonomous solutions

Aerospace leader Airbus is betting autonomous and AI-driven commercial flight functions can bridge that gap.

Wayfinder, a research project within Acubed, the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus, is developing autonomous flight and machine learning solutions for the next generation of aircraft. Its core mission is to build a “scalable, certifiable autonomy system capable of powering a range of self-piloted aircraft applications in single pilot operations.”

Levita Magnetics raises $26M for Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery platform

Levita Magnetics said it has raised $26 million to fund regulatory and commercial progress on its Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery (MARS) platform.

AI Algorithm that Detects Brain Abnormalities could Help Cure Epilepsy

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can detect subtle brain abnormalities which cause epileptic seizures has been developed by a UCL-led team of international researchers.

The Multicentre Epilepsy Lesion Detection project (MELD) used over 1,000 patient MRI scans from 22 global epilepsy centres to develop the algorithm, which provides reports of where abnormalities are in cases of drug-resistant focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) - a leading cause of epilepsy.

Source: DigitalHealthNews

SenseTime Releases AI Chinese Chess Robot

On August 9, SenseTime, an artificial intelligence software company, held a new product launch event and launched its first household consumer artificial intelligence product – “SenseRobot”, an AI Chinese chess-playing robot. This product combines traditional Chinese chess culture and artificial intelligence technology. The PRO version of the “SenseRobot” retails for 2,499 yuan ($370.07) while the standard version costs 1,999 yuan ($296.03).

Killer drones that choose their own targets could change modern warfare

  • Autonomous drones could soon change warfare by removing the need for a human to choose a target and fire.

Source:Business Insider

Google’s New Robot Learned to Take Orders by Scraping the Web

The machine learning technique that taught notorious text generator GPT-3 to write can also help robots make sense of spoken commands.

Researchers at Google worked with hardware from Everyday Robots, a company spun out of Google parent Alphabet’s X division dedicated to “moonshot” research projects to create the robot butler. They created a new program that uses the text processing capabilities of PaLM to translate a spoken phrase or command into a sequence of appropriate actions such as “open drawer” or “pick up chips” that the robot can perform.


SyncWords Complements Its Machine Translations With Human and AI Capabilities

SyncWords, the leading live captioning and translation services provider is thrilled to announce SyncWords Offline, which includes human translation services and AI dubbing (the process of translating and re-creating the voice used in videos from a source to a target language, using machine learning potentials). Adding to its slew of services both human and AI-based translation capabilities empower SyncWords as a single-stop solution to all translation needs, including transcription, captioning, subtitling and auto-dubbing.

Source: Martechseries

Marketing Intelligence Platform Northbeam Raises $15 Million Series A Funding

Northbeam, the machine learning-powered marketing measurement platform for DTC and ecommerce brands, today announced it has closed $15 million in Series A funding led by Silversmith Capital Partners. The company will use the funds for further product development, including expanding its machine learning capabilities.

Source: Martechseries

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