Singular Intel #9

Adobe has released new versions of Premiere Pro and expanded its speech-to-text language capabilities.

Adobe has updated its popular video editing app, Premiere, with new features such as Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish speech-to-text support, Automatic Tone Mapping, Sequence Locking for Offline editing, and two new color management systems.

Baidu's First Electric Vehicle to Include State-of-the-Art ChatGPT-Style Conversational AI Technology

Baidu recently announced the release of their first electric vehicle product, featuring an AI system called ChatGPT. This system is designed to provide an interactive experience for drivers and passengers with natural language commands.

HEAVY.AI is collaborating with Bain, Maxar, and NVIDIA to create high-quality digital replicas for CSPs

Heavy AI has partnered with Bain, Maxar, and Nvidia to create digital twins for communication service providers (CSPs). These twins will provide high-fidelity simulations and analytics to help CSPs better manage resources and reduce costs. The technology is expected to revolutionize the telecommunications industry.

AI analyzes cell movement under the microscope

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg have developed an AI method combining graph theory and neural networks that can analyze large amounts of data obtained from microscopes. This method could be very helpful for developing more effective cancer medications by studying how cells behave in different scenarios. Pharmaceutical companies have already incorporated this method into their research and development process. Neural networks are used to simplify the analysis process and collect detailed information from videos.

Kaito, an AI-driven cryptocurrency search engine, has secured $5.3 million to enhance browsing with AI and ChatGPT

Kaito, an AI-powered search engine for crypto, recently raised $5.3 million in a seed round led by Dragonfly Capital. The capital will be used to scale the team and accelerate product development. Kaito's MetaSearch allows users to search across the entire social crypto landscape for information that is unlikely to appear on a general search engine like Google. The startup also uses AI to optimize its search engine through ranking, topic mining, personalization, recommendation, speech-to-text transcription and AI-generated content.

AWS and Hugging Face are deepening their partnership to make AI more available

Hugging Face has a mission to make machine learning more accessible to everyone. They offer over 100,000 free models and are downloaded one million times per day. They have partnered with AWS to provide developers the tools they need to optimize models for use cases at a lower cost, making AI open and accessible to all. This announcement increases the competition between big tech companies in the "AI wars" and follows their existing relationship with Microsoft where they announced an endpoints service in May.

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