Singular Intel #8

Bittrex Global Launches AI Network

The AI Network is an architecture for collaborative computing in the fields of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, based on blockchain protocols. It includes AINFT technology, which empowers NFTs to engage with data and users within the metaverse, imbuing them with dynamic and intelligent capabilities.

Capsule has received $4.75 million in funding for its AI-based video editing tool that can summarize text, generate images...

Capsule, a startup, has leveraged artificial intelligence to enhance the speed and efficiency of post-production video edits. Following the launch of its AI-driven editor in beta, the company has secured $4.75 million in seed funding to bring the product to market.

South Korean startup Rebellions reportedly launches new AI chip

According to a report from Reuters on Monday, Rebellions, a startup based in South Korea, has introduced a new AI chip named Atom, as it seeks to rival Nvidia, the current leader in the AI chip industry.

Exploring the potential of generative AI in Travel Booking

Microsoft recently announced their relaunch of the search engine Bing with their artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT. This has caused many online travel agencies to consider implementing generative AI to keep up with the competition. Companies such as Hopper, Omio, and Navan are already making moves to capitalize on the opportunities generative AI presents. Generative AI could help streamline the pre-planning phase of travel, with the potential to move away from traditional forms and toward conversationally-driven processes

An audiobook narrator claims that Spotify is using artists' voices to train artificial intelligence.

Following Apple's release of AI audiobooks, audiobook narrators fear AI might replace them as it could be used to create synthetic voices. Apple and Findaway have halted access to audiobook files for AI training, however voice actors have been using AI models to improve their narration in other industries. If synthetic voice technology completely replaces narrators, it could lead to job losses.Close

OkCupid is employing ChatGPT to further automate online dating.

OkCupid has started to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its dating service to generate matchmaking questions for users. ChatGPT was given two prompts and generated six matchmaking questions which have been selected by users 150,000 times. Tinder has also started to use AI-generated icebreakers on its platform, however, OkCupid believes that using machines to facilitate too much of the process could make it harder and less human.

Writer Launches Three New Generative AI Models for the Enterprise

Writer, a platform that uses AI and machine learning, has released three new generative models for businesses. These models use artificial intelligence to create data-driven insights that can help optimize customer experiences and drive growth.

eBay has acquired the AI-powered fraud detection company 3PM Shield.

Ebay recently acquired 3PM Shield, a company specializing in artificial intelligence technology designed to detect fraud. The acquisition is part of Ebay's efforts to combat fraud and ensure a secure shopping experience for its customers.

Opera plans to integrate generative AI into its browser

Opera is introducing a new feature to its web browser that uses generative AI to make the browsing experience more personalized and engaging. The AI will be able to analyze user behavior and tailor content, such as news articles, images, and videos, to each user's interests. It has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with the web.

A tech company has recently unveiled an AI system designed to analyze combat sports.

A tech startup Jabbr has developed an AI system to provide analytics and insights for combat sports. The system uses a combination of video analysis and data tracking to provide athletes, trainers, and coaches with real-time performance metrics and insights. This will help them improve their performance and gain an edge over their opponents.

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