Singular Intel #13

Apple is currently experimenting with  'Natural Language Generation' in order to enhance Siri's performance.

Apple is reportedly testing "Siri natural language generation" as part of a project codenamed Bobcat. The feature is currently only being used for telling jokes with Siri but will eventually roll out to all of Apple's operating systems. Apple held its annual AI conference last month to help engineers understand its AI offerings better, and the Siri team was reportedly at the event testing language-generating concepts every week.

Midjourney v5 Released

The latest version, Midjourney v5, has several notable improvements over the previous version, including a higher native resolution, unlimited aspect ratios for output images, more coherent output, and more realistic human hands.

Microsoft has just made an announcement about their latest productivity tool called Copilot, the most powerful one yet.

Microsoft has released a new productivity tool called Microsoft 365 Copilot that uses large language models (LLMs) with Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps to assist users in reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and focusing on more creative and satisfying work. The tool is integrated into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more, and includes a new experience called Business Chat that allows for natural language prompts based on user data. According to GitHub data, developers who used GitHub Copilot showed an increase in productivity by 88%, with 77% saying the tool helped them spend less time searching for information. Copilot can write, edit, summarise and create content in Word; analyse data in Excel; help create stunning presentations in PowerPoint; manage emails and messages in Outlook; and run effective meetings in Teams. The integration of the tool makes it easier for users to focus on important work rather than busy work.

Adobe has recently released generative AI tools specifically designed for marketers.

Adobe has launched Adobe Sensei Generative AI Services, a set of enterprise-focused, AI-powered services across its suite of productivity apps. The service uses a combination of AI technology, including Adobe's own large language models and Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, to perform marketing and sales tasks. The models within Generative AI Services will also generate captions in Customer Journey Analytics for visualizations like cohort tables and fallout charts. Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Journey Optimizer, Customer Journey Analytics, and Marketo Engage customers will be the first to take advantage of Generative AI Services.

Bing's AI chatbot from Microsoft now has the ability to create images using DALL-E.

Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot now has the ability to generate AI images using OpenAI's DALL-E. The Bing Image Creator allows users to create any image by describing what they want to see and choosing an art style. It is available in creative mode within the Bing chat experience and in Microsoft Edge, which also features a new icon for the image generator in the sidebar. Microsoft has added safeguards to prevent harmful or unsafe images from being generated and will label all AI-generated images with a modified Bing icon to indicate that they are not real photographs.

Google Bard's beta version is now available.

Google Bard, the search giant's AI chatbot, has opened its doors to beta users who can sign up with a personal Gmail account. The chatbot is currently in its experimental stages and Google warns that responses may be inaccurate or misleading. Bard is limited in some areas such as coding and language as it is currently only able to converse in US English. However, it has potential for creative brainstorming and generating AI-drafted responses. Users can turn off data storage but should not rely on Bard's responses for professional advice.

Microsoft has made Loop, its competitor to Notion, available for public preview.

Microsoft has launched Loop, a task and project management hub that syncs across Microsoft 365 apps and services. Loop has three main elements - components, pages, and workspaces - and includes progress-tracking tools for projects and two-way sync with services like Trello. Loop components are JavaScript widgets that allow users to collaborate while working, which can be as simple as lists or tables or as complex as a customer sales opportunity from Dynamics 365. Loop pages are flexible canvases where users can organize their components, while workspaces represent shared platforms where up to 50 people can edit at once. A companion app for iOS and Android is set to arrive soon.

You can now try out the new AI tools that have been added to both Opera and Opera GX.

Opera Browser and Opera GX have launched new AI-powered tools, including AI Prompts and access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the sidebar. The AI Prompts feature allows users to shorten or explain text, suggest more relevant content, and even craft tweets. The sidebar access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic offers assistance with a range of queries and issues, including generating ideas, summaries, translations, and code writing. To use these features, users must create accounts with the respective services or log in with existing ones. These tools are available in early access for Opera (Win, Mac, and Linux) and Opera GX (Win and Mac).

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