Singular Intel #12

Salesforce has made an announcement about the launch of Einstein GPT, which is the first ever Generative AI for CRM in the world.

Salesforce has launched Einstein GPT, described as the world's first generative AI customer relationship management (CRM) technology. The system delivers AI-created content across every sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT interaction. With Einstein GPT, customers can then connect that data to OpenAI’s advanced AI models out of the box or use their own external model and generate content that adapts to changing customer information in real time. It can auto-generate emails for salespeople and code for developers. Salesforce has also launched a Generative AI Fund from Salesforce Ventures with an investment of $250m in high-potential start-ups.

OpenAI has recently made an announcement regarding a new and improved language model called GPT-4 which is expected to be more intelligent and trustworthy.

OpenAI has announced its latest language model, GPT-4, which can solve complex problems with greater accuracy and has a lower chance of being tricked into saying something evil. OpenAI has partnered with several companies to build GPT-4 into products, including Bing. Like the previous model, GPT-4 is a transformer language model that predicts the next word in a passage. It has advanced reasoning capabilities and is an even more capable test-taker than its predecessor. However, it can still exhibit social bias, aggressiveness, and AI hallucinations. OpenAI has worked with companies like Duolingo, Stripe, and Khan Academy to build GPT-4 into their products. The new model can be accessed through OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus subscription or through an API for developers that will be available soon.

Discord is now testing various AI features, including the Clyde chatbot powered by ChatGPT.

Discord is upgrading its Clyde bot to be a chatbot using OpenAI's ChatGPT technology, allowing users to have conversations and ask questions. The chatbot will be available in a limited number of servers for public experimentation next week before being rolled out more broadly. Discord is also experimenting with AI-generated conversation summaries and an AI-powered version of its AutoMod moderation tool. The company is positioning itself as the home of AI developers by dedicating resources to AI incubator programs and supporting development through cash grants, access to development teams, and early access to platform features.

Grammarly is incorporating AI similar to ChatGPT to generate text that matches your writing style, create outlines, and perform other functions.

Grammarly is launching a new generative AI tool called GrammarlyGO, which can create content in a user's personal writing style based on short prompts. The tool can also rewrite existing content for tone, clarity, and length, generate outlines and ideas for content creation, and offer one-click prompts for email replies. Users can personalize their voice and use the prompts as a guide. The tool will be available to all users in a beta program starting in April.

Microsoft has integrated an AI assistant into their Edge browser.

Microsoft has introduced an AI assistant called Copilot to its Edge browser, offering conversational search results and the ability to produce tailored written content. Users need to ensure they are running version 111 of Edge and click the Bing icon on the right-hand side of the browser. The assistant can also write emails, blog posts or lists, and users can tailor results to be professional, casual or funny. The Insights feature provides minimal information and auto-hide functionality allows users to access it when needed without taking up screen real estate.

Google showcased its highly advanced AI technology for both Docs and Gmail in a recent demo.

Google was caught off guard by the release of ChatGPT, which it could have been in the lead with due to its work on transformer models in 2017. To catch up, Google has announced plans to integrate generative AI with its most popular Workspace services, including Gmail and Docs. The new Workspace AI can draft, reply, summarize, prioritize emails; brainstorm, proofread, write and rewrite documents; generate images, audio and video; turn raw data into insights and analysis; capture notes and enable workflows. Google points out that its Workspace AI will support configurable tones and an "I'm feeling lucky" mode. The Gmail and Docs AI features will be rolled out to people in Google's trusted tester program in the coming weeks before releasing publicly.

LinkedIn's AI assistant now covers recruitment ads and profile writing, as the platform expands its capabilities.

LinkedIn has introduced AI-powered writing suggestions for users to spruce up their profiles and for recruiters to craft job descriptions. The tool uses advanced GPT models, with GPT-4 for personalized profiles and GPT-3.5 for job descriptions. The company is also focusing more on AI in LinkedIn Learning, with 100 courses around the subject and 20 more focused on generative AI. However, some critics argue that using AI to generate profile descriptions could lead to less accurate portrayals of individuals and potentially waste time for recruiters. A LinkedIn spokesperson said the company will continue to explore new ways to bring value to its members and customers through generative AI.

Quora's Poe has introduced a subscription service that allows users to converse with a bot powered by GPT-4.

Quora's chatbot app Poe has introduced a paid tier that allows users to ask questions to bots powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 model and Anthropic's Claude+ version 1.2. The subscriptions cost $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year, with usage capped at 300 GPT-4 and 1,000 Claude 1.2 messages per month for paying users. Free users can ask one question per day without cost, while unlimited interactions with other bots are available. Duolingo has also launched a GPT-4-powered subscription for language learning, while Microsoft confirmed that Bing was using GPT-4 and Khan Academy is testing an AI assistant for teachers and students.

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